Staffetta Partigiana 2020

Staffetta Partigiana 2020 was created on behalf of ALI project that focuses on easing contacts between migrants and local population. During the pandemic of Covid-19 a young Cameroonian woman, a seamstress and a member of ALI, started sewing face masks for those in need. All materials were gathered by the Ali members, and the fabric used for the external side of the masks was often the typical African wax print one. The masks were then delivered by ALI volunteers on bikes.

Thinking about this piece of contemporary history, on the 25th of April – Liberation Day in Italy which is basically the anniversary of the Resistance against Nazi-fascists- I created Staffetta Partigiana. The female figure was cut from a 50’s magazine, the yellow and blue pattern is a scan of an African wax print while the logo on the coat is ALI’s logo.

The “Staffette Partigiane” had a key role during the Resistence in Italy. They would often be young and brave women who silently shifted, very often on bikes, to help their fellow companions in need. So once again solidarity, courage and action play leading roles in contemporary history.

Staffetta Partigiana 2020 is a synthesis of the ambition for an everyday movement of struggle for integration and equality.

In my vision the everyday struggle should be the principle on which ALI’s project is based on. That principle is to ease encounters and friendships between strangers.

The bicycle well represents the grace, the agility and the sustainability of this kind of struggle.

And finally, the female figure brings up in my mind an old picture of my grandmother riding a bike to go work on tobacco fields: an image of generational bonding. Bonding that time travels lightly on two wheels and throughout its path sews together past and present ideals.