Game of the Goose 

I asked a dear friend from Pakistan to explain to me the experience of a refugee arriving in Italy from his home country.

Hence the idea of the game of the goose that revisits the fundamental stages of a refugee upon arrival in Italy. 

The idea was born in collaboration with the non governmental organization ALI that takes care of refugees by facilitating relations between them and the local community. 

My game of the goose is a hypothetical journey of any refugee.

I illustrated freely their life in reception centers, Italian bureaucracy and racism, solidarity, friendship and more, until they got the so-desired residence permit: the Holy Grail that symbolically determines their acceptance in the community we all belong to.

I then decided to dedicate the last box to a sort of Noah's Ark: a reminder we are all in the same boat.

The background used for the project comes from a traditional Mexican board game.

Limited Edition 1/30 on Hahnemuhle Photo Luster Paper 260 gr.